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Violent Ignorance-The obsession with fake violence in the first-world

Violent Ignorance-The obsession with fake violence in the first-world

I believe a large problem, with our culture in the U.S. and others in the western world, is we are obsessed with violence and war. It isn’t  real violence or war, but rather a fake interpretation of war that we pretend to be real. Our video games, movies, etc. give us a fake interpretation of what “violence” is.

In the movies, we see Bruce Willis firing the machine gun, things exploding, and people falling down. In video games, we get shot and are allowed start over again. There is no finality to it.

Let me first point out that these movies and video games don’t bother me and I am as entertained, as anybody, to watch or play them, but this turns into a problem when, as a whole culture, we make unified and conscious decision to go to war.  We have sent others to die and kill, many times throughout history for mere politics, while at the same time lacking a complete understanding of what violence actually looks like.

Our news stations are extremely censored to graphic images, so there is little chance of the average citizen realizing what reality looks like.( The U.S. ranks 22nd in the world for press freedom. Why isn’t the Tea Party talking about this constitutional amendment?)
The end result of this extreme “entertainment” violence and the fact that  little or no images of true violence is ever seen, is a culture that is obsessed with violence while at the same time having a complete ignorance of what it actually is.

I’ve seen too many people boast about how they would shoot this person or that person for doing this or that while, in the back of my mind, I know they would never be able to deal with the actual sight of seeing someones body being broken apart in such a violent manner.

The first world countries, including the U.S., have seen violence on their land with terrible terrorist attacks.  This forces some mental impact and realization of the reality of violence, but the lessons learned begin to fade from the national consciousness as time passes and the national conciousness turns back into ignorance (a luxury that many people around the world do not have).

The people we send to war (the brave soldiers) know all to well what violence actually looks like. This contributes to why 1 in 5 returning vets suffer from PTSD.

I am sharing this video to do the job that the news stations failed to do. We as a culture, need to realize what violence and war actually look like if we are going to act so eager to engage in it abroad. So, before you boast about how you would shoot this person, or condone starting a war with a foreign country please view what violence actually looks like and see it for the horror it actually is.

This is from Syria a country that lately knows all too well what violence is.

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