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Humans of Dublin

Humans of Dublin

Dublin is a city known for being multicultural. Almost every country and region in the world is represented through the many businesses that fill its landscape. On any day and at any time you can walk through the city center and hear multiple languages being spoken in unison. If you step back and listen for a while, you will notice that all these voices and languages begin to become one constant hum. For me, this hum represents our modern world in which globalization and ease of travel have created a very multicultural environment in almost every space.

I began this project with the intent of documenting the individual stories of these foreign travelers to Dublin. Finding these individuals was easy. I walked around different parts of the city listening to the languages and accents. When I found an individual of interest, I would casually approach them; ask them where they had come from; and if they would mind me interviewing them. Some people were hesitant at giving their information away to a stranger, but, overall, I was met with enthusiasm and helpfulness.

I would ask them questions like “Why did you travel to Dublin?” “How long have you been here?” “Where are you staying?” “How do you like Dublin?” For the most part, these were very basic questions, but these questions led to stories that set the individuals apart from one another.

I wanted this project be a documentary piece that tells the story of why people come to Dublin. The photos are taken to resemble travel snapshots. Everyone takes these types of shots to remember that they were at that place at that time.  In our modern media-world, we are constantly bombarded with others, who seem to use them as a badge of honor of their accomplished travel experiences.

I used black and white to give the effect of the “grey race.” I had first heard this term used as an album title for the punk band, “Bad Religion.” In a society where color is usually the first determinate in identifying race, the album cover consisted of portraits of people, from diverse races, all with the same grey tone. I believe removing color takes away the viewer’s initial ability to identify the race of the subject and allows them to look at the other aesthetic elements of their body.  Hopefully, this allows them to better know the person before judgment is made.

Overall, I hope the elements of these photographs help to properly document these individuals’ stories and help the viewer to realize who lives amongst them in this great city.


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