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The City Of Love…Paris

The City Of Love…Paris

Paris is a place that initially gives you a rush of euphoria with her beauty and the excitement she has to offer.

Food, wine, architecture and culture contribute to making her the most romantic city in the world.

It is a city where the greats once roamed.

Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Dali, etc. wondered drunkenly about the city, ages ago, and laid the road for dreamers alike to follow.

It is a place for lovers where, at any historical landmark, couples can be seen locking faces and staring into each other with smiling eyes.

Every night the Eiffel tower lights up the city for the first ten minutes of every hour. It stands as a beacon of hope for desperate boys wishing for a kiss from a pretty girl.

For some of these starry-eyed lovers, Paris becomes a place that you make love all night and sleep all day under the orange glow of the sun that shines against the curtains.

Paris 2

But for all her good looks and feelings you have for her, if you overstay your welcome, you will realize that where there is such beauty there is something to hide.

The city is like a drug that initially makes you high and elated, but after a while its effects wear off and you begin to realise the darkness and depression that you ignored all around you in your stoned state. Then, the orange glow of the sun begins to turn into a gray overcast.

But, personally, that’s why I like the place so much. It’s real.

There are two contrasting sides for every story in Paris. Good and bad.

Her streets were once stained with the blood of the hundreds taken by the guillotine during the French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror.” Now, lovers and tourist roam the same streets, in an excited daze, without realizing the carnage that once occurred where their feet now stand.

She is always contradicting herself.

But, it is this grittiest and contradiction that assures you that her beauty is not fake, but genuine in every way.

She is easy to fall for.

But, one must be careful to fall in love with this city, because where there is romance, there is always despair.

Paris is a metaphor for lovers.


But, on another note  “I did” enjoy my trip to Paris here is a few clips and video from my trip.

Eiffel Tower from the metro

Eiffel Tower from the metro




In front of the golden gates at Palace De Versailles In front of the golden gates at Palace De Versailles




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