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Missing Joe Paterno Statue On Day of Sanctions

Missing Joe Paterno Statue On Day of Sanctions


News crews and reporters flocked around the entrance to Pennstate’s Beaver Stadium. A fence lined with a blue tarp circled the empty space where the Joe Paterno statue once stood.

People from all over the country peeked through the holes in the tarp to see if it was actually true. One individual had even traveled 4 hours to see  what she had only watched on the news. “My whole family are Pennstater’s, I had to drive here and see it for myself.”

All around campus the attitude was somewhat somber as they let the NCAA “death penalty” soak in. They began to realize that the loss of money by the University could mean the loss of jobs in their community, which relies strongly on the school .

In the normal Pennstate spirit, many in State College wore their Pennstate football shirts to show some remnant of perseverance in these bad times. But, one burning question still remained unanswered… are the right people being punished for the scandal?

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