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Are you an adventure junkie? Well we are. We got tired of the expensive tourist trap “adventures” that put you behind glass windows and drive around in air-conditioned vehicles, while fake guides with Boonie hats tell you of the dangers of the world around you.

We said screw this, rolled down the window, jumped out and ran like hell into the world in hopes of discovering what it all means. We knew it might be dangerous, painful, and we may never find out what it all “means,” but at least we knew we tried and took the initial step towards emancipation from the plastic adventure.

Now that we’ve taken this step, we are pushing for the adventure revolution. We hope that some others may roll down their windows and take that leap to discover their own adventure.

Our stories can be your motivation, or your guide and once you discover your own share it with the world.

If you would like to share your adventure on The Traveling Hobo submit you post here!

Let the Revolution begin!!!


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