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The List of Truths

I kept getting this weird feeling that everything was a lie.  I knew this couldn’t be true so I sat down and tried to outline what was causing me to feel this way.  During this search for the lie my eyes were opened up to a whole new world that runs parallel to our own full of truths and reality, but which has been altered by the artifacts of the human race .  This world is much like our own, but what it contains is the pure truths that haven’t been altered to fit our reality.  What I started then to realize was that we live in a world of competing “truths” where only certain ones are not man-made and are the natural truths.

So, I wanted to start a list that  sheds light on the  natural “truths” of this world that seem to be covered up by society for some reason or another.

#1. Race Does Not Exist– There is no separation of race there is only a big spectrum of genetic differences.  There is no cutting line between Caucasian to Asian, or Asian to Arab, or Arab to African Black.   Why do we consider a person with pale skin, blonde hair and green eyes and a person with a dark complexion, black hair and blue eyes both white when there is so much genetic difference? Genetic differences are huge in every supposed race category that if race did exist the only rational thing to do would be to break them further down. Race is used as a simplified version of genetic differences, but in my opinion its creates a false image of what the human species is in its true form (a spectrum of genetic differences with no beginning or end).

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